Charis Ministries Bringing Grace in a Box of Food
Charis MinistriesBringing Grace in a Box of Food

NOW DELIVERING FOOD  (as we have for over 20 years)

People need food.


You're hearing that a lot these days. Endless lines of desperate people paint a vivid picture of wrenching need. The virus and the lockdown response affect people of every age and income level - every demographic group, but especially people of limited means. Yet we can be thankful that food banks and school-site distrbutions and trailer-loads of supplies are available to everyone.


Almost everyone.


Charis Ministries is serving the one demographic group that is consistently left out - people who cannot pick up the food that is meant for them.


We help people with no transportation and people who are in poor health - people going without because tornadoes damaged food stamp offices - hotel workers brought to Nashville, now without work and far from home - clients whose case managers are making phone calls instead of visits - older folks simply terrified of leaving the house.


For over twenty years, Charis has delivered food to people. We deliver every week of the year, not just at holidays; to clients in all sorts of situations, not just the winsome or dramatic stories. When an unexpected shortfall puts people at risk, we make sure they don't miss meals.


We applaud the good work that many organizations are accomplishing - assisting thousands of families in a time of need.


Charis Ministries helps hundreds, not thousands - the families that are distant from help, one home at a time, with deliveries by Christian volunteers who offer encouragement and prayers. Our opportunities to help have increased significantly as many agencies refer clients to us.




"I wish I could do something."

            Please contribute funds so we can maintain our outreach to each new caller. Requests for help have increased significantly each week since the crisis began. People will continue to need our help until the economy reopens. And they will need it afterwards, as it will be take many more weeks before most people see the benefits of a return to normalcy.




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