Charis Ministries Bringing Grace in a Box of Food
Charis MinistriesBringing Grace in a Box of Food

If you need food ...


- Contact us by telephone 615-373-1261.

- Call during the week - deadline is Friday at 12noon.

- If you reach a voicemail, leave info so we can call you back.

- We must talk to the adult of the home that needs our visit.

- No applications by email or website contact form.




- All non-perishable: canned goods including tuna and peanut butter, and dry food like mac and cheese, crackers, and oatmeal for breakfast.

- No fresh vegetables, no milk or bread, no frozen meat.

- Much of the food needs heating - soup, rice, oats for instance. Tell us if you have no kitchen or no power in your home.

- No cooking supplies - no sugar, butter, salt, can opener




- We bring food on Saturday during daylight hours.

- People receiving a delivery must call us Saturday at 8am

- The adult asking for food must stay home until we arrive.

- We do not ask for ID or records to verify need.

- Volunteers often bring the food, and offer their encouragement and prayers.




- Food supplies and packed boxes are handled on the basis of CDC and NIH guidelines.

- People making deliveries use gloves and masks, and maintain appropriate distance.




We regret that we only speak English in our phone conversations. Please contact 211 or Connexion America for translation services from Spanish, and other resources for other languages. We must obtain the information we need in English, but this does not limit the delivery of food to anyone in need.


Lamentamos que solo hablamos inglés en nuestras conversaciones telefónicas. Comuníquese con 211 o Connexion America para obtener servicios de traducción del español y otros recursos para otros idiomas. Debemos obtener la información que necesitamos en inglés, pero esto no limita la entrega de alimentos a cualquier persona que lo necesite.




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