Charis Ministries Bringing Grace in a Box of Food
Charis MinistriesBringing Grace in a Box of Food

Who We Help

Many agencies provide help to a particular profile or category of clients - disabled people, seniors, single-parent families, homeless individuals, the working poor. These efforts are well-conceived and help many people.

Charis Ministries helps people facing an out-of-the-ordinary situation. We help people who fit every category of special need and those who don't fit any, who are running short of food because income is disrupted, or unexpected expenses are due.


We help when ...
•    People lose jobs
•    People find jobs but must catch up on bills.
•    Social security or food stamps are stolen or delayed
•    A worker misses work for illness, either hers or her child's

•    Grandkids move in, roommates move out, spouses move away.

No matter how well folks plan, there may come a time when they need help.

The only request we typically decline is one based on a routine budget, when nothing is out of the ordinary but folks are simply running a little short. Yet we treat each request individually and respectfully: we recognize the challenges people face in managing their lives successfully.

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