Charis Ministries Bringing Grace in a Box of Food
Charis MinistriesBringing Grace in a Box of Food

Local families will run short of food this week. Some are juggling money between groceries, medicine, and rent. Others have lost purses; some have lost jobs, or they've lost the transmission in cars that take them to jobs.
Food banks and churches offer food to help, but some families can’t get there. They live ten miles away with no car or bus stop. Or, they live close by, but their health makes ten blocks as distant as ten miles.
We don’t believe they should do without.
We believe you feel the same way.

Charis provides food assistance to any caller in the Nashville area who needs help when an unexpected shortfall arises. Many events can disrupt a family's income or add a new expense, and delivering a box of basic food items may help them make it past the difficulty. We don't help with a routine monthly budget, but when something out of the ordinary happens, we want to make sure a family has meals while they work things out.

Volunteers from local churches drive to each family's home, bringing a box of food along with genuine and compassionate concern.


We describe our work as "bringing Grace in a box of food."


This phrase highlights the Bible that is included in each carton of groceries. In a different way, it describes how our service is an expression of faith, following in a small way the example of Christ, who delivered the love and grace of God to people who couldn't access it on their own.


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